The Hype-Launch-Automate Game Plan

course launch kajabi marketing visibility Jan 19, 2024
Kajabi Automations: Waitlist & Sales Page Redirect

Launching a digital course is a LOT.

And if you’re a Kajabi customer, there’s a decent chance you’re not taking advantage of all the automations you can use to make your course launch easier.

So in today’s video I’m covering the hype/launch game plan:

🌐 Tease: You’ll promote your course everywhere; email, social media, your podcast, etc. so that when the doors open, your audience is clambering to get in.

📋 Waitlist: Next, let’s capture the excitement with a waitlist page. It's like a sneak peek that allows people to sign up for notifications when your course becomes available. Genius, right?

💰 Sales Page: When it's showtime, you’ll need a sales page (obvi).

🔄 Traffic Control: Now, here's the real kicker. How do you ensure your traffic hits the right page at the right time? You’ll create a waitlist page, a sales page, an event countdown, and automatic page redirect. Then Kajabi does the rest—automagically sending users to the right page at the right time.

Check it out here:

There is so much that you can automate with Kajabi, if you know how to do it.

And you know what? I'm always looking for content ideas for YouTube. So if there's anything you want to learn about how to use Kajabi to make things easier for you, just comment on this post and I'll make a video about it! Chances are that if you have a question, someone else out there has the same one.


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