Course launch conversion rates. What's average?

course launch digital course kajabi list-building Jan 18, 2024
When 1.3% is a good score

Let's talk numbers, and traffic.

In the digital course creation space, I often hear people saying "you don't need a huge list or social media following to launch your course!"

But "huge list" means different things to different people, so I want to give you some *actual* numbers, so you can have a sense of what's realistic.

I just listened to Amy Porterfield's podcast episode titled Myth Busters Series: My Email List Is Too Small To Launch My Digital Course. She was featuring Jan Ditchfield as an example of someone who launched to a small following, and was successful.

When she launched, Jan had 557 people on her email list, 1689 Instagram followers, and she got a total of 29 enrollments.

If we count her audience as her combined email list and IG subscribers, that means 1.3% of her audience converted.

(Conversion = the percentage of people who do the thing you want them to do, like click, sign up, or buy).

Having 1.3% of her audience convert was such a high percentage that she was featured on Amy's podcast as someone who was successful launching to a small list.

The point they were trying to make in this episode is that you can get a small audience to convert, if they're really engaged (which means that you have to create and deliver the right content for them.)

But I think it's really important to understand what objectively "good" numbers are when planning your launch, and building your list/audience.

If you want to do a Founders Launch when you create your course (which you definitely should), I recommend getting 10-30 people to enroll. Ten is really the minimum number you need to get valuable feedback, and 30 is about the maximum you can give personalized attention to during a Founders Launch.

This means, that if you have an engaged audience and excellent conversion numbers, you'll need somewhere around 1000-3000 people on your email list/following you on social media.

So here's my question: Do you have those numbers? Are you close to it? Or do you know what you need to get there?

(okay, that was 3 questions)


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