Landing Pages & Navigation Menus

kajabi Jan 18, 2024
Kajabi landing pages and navigation menus

Imagine reading a book. You’ll probably start on page one, and read the pages in order, right?

Okay, now what if someone tore the pages out and dropped them on the floor. And you just picked up whichever sheet of paper was closest to you and read it.

That would be a confusing story to read.

So many people who are DIYing it in Kajabi create a bunch of website and landing pages without really understanding how the pages connect to each other.

Their business is a stack of crumpled and disordered pages, like what you’d find in my husband’s 8th grade students’ backpacks.

A navigation menu is like a shiny new binder with those little section dividers that allows you to make order from the chaos.

In today’s YouTube video I’ll show you how to use your navigation menu to build a website from the pages you want (because you are not limited to just the “website” pages that Kajabi supplies).

Because your Kajabi account should be a Trapper Keeper, not a jumble of paper.


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