Funnels v. Websites

funnel building kajabi marketing visibility Jan 18, 2024
Funnels v. Websites

Funnels and websites: what’s the difference, and which one do I need?

It’s a bit like the Kardashians, right? They’re all the same and pretty much interchangeable, so do we really need them all?

This is one of the most common questions I get asked (not about the Kardashians; we’re going back to the funnels & websites thing).

Because you have two main goals in your online business: get in front of your target audience, and bring them into your world.

And both websites and funnels have a role to play in that, but it’s important to know what those roles are, and to build them so that they support each other, and don’t fight over clothes and bad vibes and competing business ventures.

I talk more about it in today’s YouTube video (it’s only like 8 minutes long):

So it turns out we do need all of them: Khloe, Kim, Kassandra, Kalliope, Krirstren…they all have a place.


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