Growing an Audience Organically

course launch growing an audience kajabi list-building marketing organic growth traffic visibility Jan 19, 2024
Grow an audience from zero without ads

Starting from ground zero is a universal entrepreneurial tale; everyone has been there.

But how do you leap from 0 subscribers/followers to 10, then to 10,000 without giving all your money to Mark Zuckerberg?

Here's the deal: the not-so-secret sauce lies in three key elements that will help you generate traffic and grow an audience of the right people:

👉 List-Building Funnel: Your magnetic tool to convert curious visitors into dedicated subscribers. It's all about crafting a journey that keeps them hooked.

👉 Evergreen Content: Your timeless masterpiece—valuable, relevant content that continues to attract and engage, long after it's posted.

👉 Visibility Platforms: Your stages to shine and share expertise. Consistency in offering value on podcasts, guest blogs, or social media builds your authority.

Knowing how to align these forces creates a growth machine that gets you in front of your target audience authentically, and nurtures genuine connections (beyond vanity metrics).

I talk about how this all fits together in today’s YouTube video:

Also, I have a brand-new free training!

In The Research Advantage, you’ll discover the exact tools and methods I recommend, so that you can:

🎯 Define and crystalize your business promise—clarifying who you serve and the problem you solve

🔍 Validate that there’s an audience eager to learn precisely what you're passionate about teaching.

💡 Develop a treasure trove of content ideas—both free and paid—that you know are in demand.

This training will give you the tools to create a customized business roadmap so you can refine your business promise, confirm your audience's interest, and spark a flurry of ideas for sought-after content. You can sign up here:


The training is only 43 minutes long (22 minutes if you 2x it), and I guarantee that it will help you get clear on what your target audience really wants, and how you can deliver it to them (because results for your audience = 💲 in your bank account.)


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