Duplicate a Funnel

course launch funnel building kajabi Jan 18, 2024
How to duplicate a Kajabi funnel

Today’s YouTube video is about how to duplicate a funnel in Kajabi, and it is exactly as exciting as it sounds!!

Which is not very. I get it.

I’m trying to strike a balance here between fun to read/listen to and then the things that people actually, like, need to know.

In our house we talk a lot about our have-tos and our want-tos:

👉 We have to put on sunscreen if we want to go to the skate park.

👉 We have to go to bed early tonight if we want to go trick or treating tomorrow night.

👉 We have to learn how to build the elements of your funnel and assemble the pieces together if we want to create an online business that serves our customers and generates automated revenue.

Okay, I’m clearly the only one in the house talking about #3, but the balance idea still applies.

So if you want to build an automated business and all that jazz, you’re going to have to check out today’s YouTube video to learn how to build funnels in Kajabi: 

And if you enjoy geeking out on all things tech and automations, I maybe just shared the most exciting thing you’ll watch all week. You’re welcome.


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