Course Creation & Marketing on a Budget

course launch kajabi marketing Jan 19, 2024
Create and market your online course on a budget

Let's talk about the "first pancake" principle.

The truth is, if you're new to course creation, your initial course (or its first version) might not hit the mark. It's like that first pancake you cook up—a little burned, a little raw, maybe even folded in the middle.

And here's the scoop: Now is NOT the time to pour loads of cash into perfecting or promoting that half-baked pancake of a course.

Instead, do this: Craft and promote a first draft of your course. Validate its potential, start generating some income, and once you've gotten that validation, reinvest those earnings back into your business.

Course creation on a budget means using the tech you already have to create that first draft, imperfections and all; it's just about getting your ideas out there.

As for marketing your course on a budget, it's about "paying" with your time by using organic traffic methods.

Will it take longer than paid ads? Yes. But it’s budget-friendly, sustainable, and will build a solid foundation for your business.

Remember, it's okay if your first course isn't perfect. Embrace the process, learn from it, and refine your offering over time.

In today’s video I’m talking about specific ways to shoestring your course creation and marketing:


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